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Top 5 Most Recommended Locks for the Home or Office

11/12/2013 Back To Blog

If doors protect your home from the outside elements, locks prevent possible break-ins. Even if you know that you live in a pretty safe, quiet neighborhood, you will never know when petty thieves or hardened criminals might break into your home. The same thing holds true for offices, where you need to protect your documents and office equipment. The good news is that these days, there are plenty of high-quality locks which you can rely on for the physical protection of your home or office. Read on to find out what the top five most recommended locks for the home or office are.Top 5 Most Recommended Locks for the Home or Office

The 5 Best Types of Locks for Doors

When having new locks installed in your home or office, you can either do it yourself or get a professional from locksmith Studio City to install it for you. Take a look at the top five best types of locks for doors:


For your front door, the least amount of security that you need is a regular doorknob and a deadbolt. Deadbolts are physically heavy and have a high-security locking mechanism that no criminal can easily break into.

Dummy Knobs

Typically found in back doors of homes and alternative entryways in office buildings, dummy knobs are a cosmetic attachment on doors. They serve no other purpose than confusing possible thieves – because the knobs cannot be used to open the door, it can only be opened from the inside.

High-Security Locks

Suitable for both homes and office, high-security locks cannot be sawed through, picked or drilled. The only way to open high-security locks is using the registered key, which cannot be duplicated without the permission of the owner.

Locks with a Night Latch

Mostly used in interior doors, locks with a night latch address more of privacy rather than security issues. The locking mechanism is activated whenever the door is opened and closed.

Passage Locks

Finally, you can purchase passage lock sets which offer a standard level of security. Once the door is closed, a button on the interior handle should be pressed so that the outer doorknob cannot be turned.

Take your pick from any of these door locks to properly protect your home or office.

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