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Providing solutions for home security via locksmith services.

We are all about keeping your homes secure. If you have questions about locks, please see the list below. We provide straight forward answers about matters associated with lock and key problems. Go through them to make your home more secure!

Have lock related FAQ? Discover the best answers here and bring back security to your house

Oh no! I lost my keys. What should I do?

By far, this is the most common locksmith dilemma handled by the experts at Locksmith Studio City. However, this is not a hopeless case. If your key is of the kind that comes with a key code, it is easy to open. For lockout concerns, it would be best to further consult with professionals.

Do master keys that open all types of locks exist?

A master key can be designed to access several lock types but this is only possible if the locks are made by the same manufacturer. As there are several types of locks and each lock is even made uniquely, it is impossible to have a master key that will work with all of them.

Why should I install an alarm system?

The more you invest in your home security, the better! Of course, your prime concern should be to have good door locks and have the locks replaced before they are worn. Though, supplementary security systems, like alarm systems, will add to your security and will definitely discourage intruders from trying to break into your house.

What is the drilling level pack for locks?

This is a method that is used to prevent burning within the levels of a lock. Use a flat tipped drill bit which allows you to get the final penetration on the pack side of the case. Try to swap the drill bits.

What are the main advantages of electronic door locks?

You can change the access code as often as you deem fit to keep the level of security high. Besides, there is no risk of someone losing a physical key.

Are conventional locks still considered safe to use?

Are conventional locks still considered safe to use?Specialists and technicians over at Locksmith Studio City can tell you that while there are indeed great leaps of progress as far as home security goes; conventional locks are still effective even in this day and age. It all depends on how many locks you have installed and how careful you are with your keys.


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