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Deal with lock issues once and for all. Read useful locksmith tips to keep trouble away.

Tips on how to protect your alarm system

Alarm systems are very useful in warding off possible break-ins. Hiding wires and connections will ensure that professional thieves will not mess around with your alarm. They may try to manipulate these to cause a malfunction. For alarm and security systems, “Locksmith Studio City” will advise you on how to fully-proof your alarm systems and educate you with fortifying your home’s security.

Tips on dealing with unknown suspects

If you see suspicious individuals or vehicles lurking around, report them immediately to 911 or to any nearest police station. Do not go out of the house until the police arrive especially if the subject is still around. Keep windows and doors locked or closed. Talk to your neighbors about it and alert neighborhood watch programs. Better to be safe than sorry.

Change the codes of electronic locks

Electronic locks work with codes, which are personal and are kept secret. These systems will give you the chance to change the code as often as you like. Changing the codes is like having the locks replaced. Do it often for much higher security.

When to lubricate locks

You don’t have to lubricate the locks all the time. However, when you start feeling that they are difficult to open, you might want to start lubricating them again. Just make sure you use the right amount or else it will get too messy and dirty.

Take care of office security

Working places ought to be well secured since they house valuable stuff and staff. All entrances must have good security door locks but the panic bar at emergency exits must work fine as well. Double cylinder locks must not be installed for the avoidance of entrapment during emergencies.

Keep valuables safe

If you’re on vacation, an important step is to remember to lock up all your valuables in a fire-proof safe as an added security measure.

Have your transponder key reprogrammed by a car locksmith

When your transponder key stops working or becomes lost, you could turn to your locksmith for a solution. Many car owners aren’t aware that transponder key reprogramming is a service that locksmiths are equipped to do, usually at a much lower cost than their car dealership.

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