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Keeping Car Keys Safe and Secure

05/08/2015 Back To Blog

You always keep your car keys with you and you use them many times every day. This puts them at a considerable risk of theft and of weather damage as well. They are subject to great wear and tear and this has a major impact on their useful life. Given all this, you need to take appropriate measure for protecting your transponder key. Check out the main ones.Keeping Car Keys Safe and Secure

Effective Protective Measures

The most important thing of all is to obtain at least two keys when buying a new or used car. It is certainly a great idea to have one or two spare auto keys made for you. You can readily leave them with trusted friends who will be able to come to the rescue if the need arises. You should also keep all the accessories and documents which come with the devices. In most cases, they have metal tags which contain information that can be used for cutting precisely the same keys. It is essential for this information to be preserved.

You should keep ignition car keys on a keychain and ensure that they are with you at all times when you are out of the house. You should place them in a bag, briefcase or pocket. It is best if the compartment which they are kept in to have soft lining so that scratching is prevented. You should avoid leaving the devices in unsecured lockers when you do sports. It is always best to hand them over to a reliable person who will guard them. Alternatively, you can get clothes with waterproof pockets and keep the devices in there. You just have to ensure that they will not get hit accidently.

When you are at home, you should store the keys in a closed cabinet which is perfectly cool and dry. Place them on the highest shelf so that they are difficult to reach. You can readily have a specially designed safe installed as well. Just make sure that it is set up in the kitchen or living room rather than in the garage or the mudroom as these places are more easily accessible to thieves.

You need to keep the devices clean and to monitor them for wear and tear. Severely worn or damaged ones must be replaced immediately. You should be careful when unlocking the car in cold weather to prevent damage and breakage which will pose the need for key repair or replacement. You must never use the device as a tool for performing different tasks.

Follow all of the advice provided here and avoid serious trouble.

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