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Lock Picking

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Lock picking is definitely a very curious matter to discuss, as well as very curious skill and ability to have and know how to implement. As we all know locks and keys stand for security and protection. Everything that is of some sort of value for us is placed under some kind of key or security system. If we have bounds, jewelry, shares…we place all those in secure vaults and bolts which we close up afterwards. We have homes that we protect with great security systems; high quality locks systems and secure locking mechanisms. Keys and locks stand for protections; and the more they are sophisticated, your locking system is more secure and so are you.Lock Picking

Lock picking is craft as old as the lock itself, if not older. You most probably remember those old western movies where burglars would turn up in a bank and then try to blow up the safe were money was kept due to their inability to pick a lock. Also if you pay attention to more recent movies you may notice lot of them featuring criminals robbing the bank and trying to figure out the opening combination of the vault.

Old fashioned old picking

The oldest method of lock picking that you will most likely remember is picking a lock using a hairpin. Now, if you already haven’t tried to hairpin your door you must be wondering is this just a Hollywood fantasy or it is actually a real thing and very successful lock picking method employed by numerous residential locksmith professionals as well as commercial locksmith professionals on daily basis.

How to pick a lock with hairpin

Well, as much as may seem and sound incredible hairpin lock picking is definitely simplest and solid method to pick your locks. This method may present itself as a perfect solution once you find yourself trapped within one of your home areas but also if you happen to be stuck in your office or commercial setting of similar type. All you have to do to perform magic on your locks is to assess the lock and then proceed with sticking a pin directly into the lock whole and pressing with the pin until you hear the clicking sound that signifies successful door opening.

You never know when you may find yourself locked out or in of your apartment or associated area, so make sure to know or learn how to react if these tings happen to you.

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